Some Casual “Family” Photos From Our Puppy Families

by Margaret on March 16, 2017

Kayla and Hailey

“Kayla” and “Hailey” are from two different litters.

Sammy Sweetheart is Kayla’s mom and Ida Mae is Hailey’s mom.

Nugget from Angie Sept. litter

“Nugget” at the beach. His mom is Angie.

He was born September 10, 2016.

Jack Moore

“Jack”  is one of Sammy Sweetheart’s handsome boys.

He was born June of 2016.

Lexi in the snow

“Lexi” in the snow at A Family Farm.

Lexi in the sun

“Lexi’s” mom is Ida Mae and her dad is Hailstorm.

“Lexi” lives at A Family Farm.

Crosby photo

“Crosby” with some of his new toys.

His mom is Ida Mae and his dad is Hailstorm.

He was born New Year’s Eve.

Indie and Foster bb

“Indie” was born New Year’s Eve.

Her mom is Ida Mae and her dad is Hailstorm.

Indie and Foster with Brady

“Indie” has two big brothers! Foster and Brady.

Lily and Gia

“Lily” is one of Annie’s daughters and “Gia” is one of Gracie’s daughters.

They now live as sisters.

Annabelle and Brodie

“Annabelle” and “Brodie” are from Angie. Their dad is Big Al.

Brodie lives at A Family Farm Labradors.

Annabelle and Madison

“Annabelle” lives with her Labrador sister.

Sonny Larsen

“Sonny” is a handsome boy. His mom was Kayla Copacabana.

Jack and Sophie

“Jack” is one of Gracie’s boys born September 11, 2016.

“Sophie” is one of Francie Pants’ beauties.

Sophie is teaching Jack how to be The Best Dog!

Charlie II and big sister

“Charlie” has a built-in big sister at his home.

He was born September 11, 2016.

His mom is Gracie Clementine and his dad is Hailstorm.

Charlie and her Golden Retriever sister

“Charlie” is one of Sammy Sweetheart’s beauties.

Her Golden Retriever sister loves her and teaches her.

Moose Dolman

“Moose” is one of Jeannie’s handsome boys.

He loves being pampered.

Finnegan Brawley

“Finnegan” loves the snow!

His mom is Gracie Clementine.


“Emma” is one of Angie’s girls born September 10, 2016.

She loves helping her family with the horses.

Jazz snuggles with Lexi

Our Pug, “Jazz” is the same size as “Lexi” is right now.

But that won’t last much longer……



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