Kayla Copacabana of A Family Farm

Kayla Copacabana of A Family Farm
Beautiful yellow female. Super intelligent and she knows it.
Kayla had her first litter January 14, 2009.
She was busy feeding 9 pups. 3 yellow, 6 black.
Kayla had her second litter November 3, 2010.
Kayla’s last litter was born August 21, 2012. She is retired.

Beautiful Labrador.

Francie delivers pups 5-17-09 052

Kayla is in the middle, “Talking” to us.

She is with Beau and Annie.


Kayla is the only one who constantly sits at the table.


Always ready for a party.


Kayla is the eternal “Party Animal”.


What are we having tonight?

p1000670 Party on Kayla!!! We will miss you, but we will hear you

“singing” at the next party.