Ida Mae’s Pups and their Visit to the Veterinarian

by Margaret on February 22, 2017

Is this going to hurt? I think I have some medicine on my face.

This doesn’t hurt. I think I might have some medicine on my face.


Ms. Yellow loves Dr. Rock Vali of Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals in Newtown, CT.

20170216_172719Ms. Orange likes being held.

20170216_172631Ms. Purple gets her vaccination.

20170216_171910Mr. Green stands very still while his brother, Mr. Black has his nails trimmed.


Yum! That tastes pretty good.


Mr. Blue stayed very still while Dr. Vali listened to his heart.


Mike plays with the puppies to keep them in one spot.

He was the Puppy Magnet.

helping with medicine and nail trimming.

We had two very nice vet techs who helped with medicine and nail trimming.


Mr. Red is ready for his exam.


Mr. Green has his heart checked.


It was hard to walk in between puppies!

20170216_173227Mr. Black and Ms. Purple together made us laugh.

20170216_173404 Double trouble.


Mr. Green wants to go home.

for a road trip.

Sally watching the road on the way to the Vet. She loves any excuse for a road trip.


Sally came with us and slept next to the puppies.

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