New “Big Dog” Collars

by Margaret on February 10, 2017


All nine of Ida Mae’s pups have their new collars on.

They are eating breakfast from two dishes now,

but prefer to start and finish the first dish

before going to the next one. Go figure…………


Two more weeks before they go to their new homes!

Tomorrow all the families will select their new puppy.


Ms. Purple and Ms. Pink are wrestling this morning.


Mr. Blue is napping after that big breakfast.

20170210_074523Mr. Green likes to be close to one of his littermates when he naps.


Mr. Green and Ms. Orange have figured out the stairs.

Mr. Black is ready for his turn.


Ms. Pink, Ms. Yellow and Ms. Purple are taking a break.

They run at full speed and then they nap. It’s that simple.


Ms. Orange might be pushing Mr. Green off.


Mr. Black, Ms. Purple and Ms. Yellow are out for the count with Ms. Pink.


 Here they are again from a different view.

20170210_074630Mr. Green is hoping there is enough room for him in that puppy nap…….

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