Puppies In Their New Homes

by Margaret on February 2, 2018

 We have received many photos of our puppies in their new homes.

Nike from Angie 2018

Nike is the former Ms. Black with paw prints from Angie.

She has two big sisters and one big brother to play with.

Tilley from Gracie 2018

Tilley is the former Ms. Pink from Gracie Clementine.

They are all getting excellent reports from their veterinarians and their families tell us most are doing very well with the house training. It takes patience and awareness for the humans.

Pierson dog and Luciano dog meet aaThese two puppies are actually neighbors!

Toby and Ruby are the former Mr. Blue and Ms. Yellow.

Their mom is Ida Mae.

Pierson dog and Luciano dog meet bb

Ruby and Toby were catching up inside after they played in the snow!

Luciano dog in crate

Ruby has a nice comfy crate and gets

to go to work with her mom!

We would find it hard to get any work done

with that little sweetheart.

Pierson dog at homeToby in his house, playing with his new toys.

Pierson dogs meet aaToby lives with his big sister Jessie,

a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Uncle Myles,

one of our A Family Farm Labradors.

Pierson dogs meet bbToby is trying to charm his Uncle Myles.

Maggie from Angie 2018 bb

Maggie is the former Ms. Green from Angie’s litter.

Maggie from Angie 2018 aa

Maggie’s whole world has opened up

now that she has her own family.

We are so happy for all of our puppies

and all of their loving families!

Bauer, Lane puppy 2018

Bauer is the former Mr. Red in Gracie Clementine’s litter.

Krisa dog Bailey

Bailey is the former Ms. Red (Scarlet) from Gracie’s litter.

Krisa dogs meet aaBailey is lucky to have a big brother Labradoodle at home!

They will be Best Friends!

Penny and Murphy Sommer 2018

Penny is the former Ms. Pale Green from Gracie.

She gets to live with her big brother, Murphy.

His mom is also Gracie Clementine.

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