Summertime Fun!

by Margaret on July 10, 2017

20170709_153152Tina, Sally and Ida Mae spent their afternoon

in the pool Sunday afternoon.


We had relay races!

20170709_153349Tina, Ida Mae and Sally love retrieving anything.


We have lots of vibrant colored toys that float.


Lexi is bringing back this toy to Cooper.


Ida Mae has the toy this time.

Cooper is waiting at the top of the stairs.


Cooper and Ida Mae are taking a break.


Lexi loves the pool!


Lexi is holding the toy with Sally.

Tina is behind them and Ida Mae is in front.

Brodie is waiting on the steps.

This crowd cannot wait to get in the pool!








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Sammy Sweetheart has 7 Beautiful New Puppies!

by Margaret on June 26, 2017

Last Monday night and into Tuesday,

Sammy Sweetheart delivered seven healthy yellow Labradors.

We have 5 girls and 2 boys and are making appointments for interviews.

Please give us a call or send us an e-mail if you are serious.

More photos and videos are available on Facebook.


Brand new puppies are either drinking or sleeping with mom, Sammy Sweetheart.

June 19/20, 2017.


They are putting on weight with the rich mother’s milk from Sammy Sweetheart.

June 25, 2017.


 They change position right in front of us. June 25, 2017.


Still changing position. Waiting for Sammy Sweetheart to come back to feed them.

June 25, 2017. She went outside briefly.


Sammy Sweetheart is the Best Mom!

She keeps all seven puppies right in front of her.

She is making sure they all drink. June 26, 2017.


Almost a complete week old today, they are scooting all over the place!

June 26, 2017.    7:00am.


Our granddaughter gently checks on Sammy’s pups.

We are always supervising.


Puppy pile up while Sammy eats her dinner.

June 27, 2017.


Sammy will not leave her pups, so she eats right next to them.


“Mom is in the house”.


Everyone is “hooked up” now that Sammy has had her own dinner.

June 27, 2017.

And this is how it goes. Day and night. Night and day.




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Sally’s Pups go to Their Forever Homes

by Margaret on June 26, 2017

20170621_181534Mr. Red is having his bath before

he goes home with his new Forever Family.

20170621_181722All clean and smelling great!


Aunt Tina is telling Mr. Red’s big brother

to take real good care of him.


This one is going to be spoiled by me!

20170621_181813Ms. Aqua takes time to smell the flowers during her bath.


Ms. Aqua’s mom cannot believe how much she has grown!


Ms. Aqua now has a pink collar.

Sally let her have one last drink on our front porch.


Dad’s new little girl.


Mr. Green laid down and enjoyed the warm water.


Mr. Green found a bone!

Sally just wants to be with him before he leaves.


Mr. Orange and Ms. Pink were napping

before their families came.


Lexi will miss these pups.

She and Mr. Orange had some fun together.


We are going to do so many things together!!!


Mr. Orange is going to help

make some wonderful new memories.



Sally was checking on Ms. Pink’s bath

and telling her how proud she is of all her babies.


Aunt Tina and Fairy Dogmother, Jazz

want to give some last minute kisses

to Ms. Pink and her family.


Ready for some happy adventures!

Ms. Pink is ready to go.



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Sally’s Pups First Vet Visit

by Margaret on June 26, 2017

Before Sally’s pups went to their new Forever Homes,

they all had their first puppy shots

and a thorough veterinarian examination.


Mr. Red went first. He was very brave.


Mr. Red stood like a little man and did not cry.


Ms. Pink was very comfortable on the scale.


Dr. Vali of Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals

is giving Ms. Pink some medicine.


Mr. Orange, your ears look very clean.


Our vet tech, Mary, was giving Mr. Orange a little extra loving.

All of the staff are so easy to talk to.


Ms. Aqua is looking good!


An empty paper towel tube makes a great toy to keep puppies busy.


They were starting to fade after their exams.


Ms. Aqua fell asleep on the way home.


Mr. Red found his spot and fell asleep.

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Sally’s Daughter, Ms. Aqua

by Margaret on June 8, 2017


Ms. Aqua loves her mom!


Does anyone need a toy?

Ms. Aqua meets her new family.


Big brother is waiting for you to come home!

Two more weeks.


Ms. Aqua meets her new big brother and big sister.


Ms. Aqua relaxes and gets to know her future family on the couch.


Sally is such a good mom! She felt she had to get up there

to check on her puppy.

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Sally’s Pups Are Mastering the Stairs

by Margaret on June 6, 2017


Ms. Pink masters stairs

Ms. Pink made it to the top! This was not her first time.

Mr. Red on stairs

Mr. Red says “No problem.”

Red and Orange

Now Mr. Orange raced to the top and Mr. Red is going to join him.


Mr. Orange says “I can see all the way over there now!”


Mr. Green met his family last night.

Mr. Green

You are such a little gentleman, Mr. Green.

Mr. Green's sister

His big sister loves him already!

Ms. Pink

Mr. Pink and Ms. Aqua want to be picked up now.

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New Experiences Everyday

by Margaret on May 30, 2017


Ms. Aqua is a Yankee’s fan.



Ms. Pink likes the sports section.



 20170525_172206The puppies can stand up and drink now.


Sally prefers to feed everyone on the cushy bed we made for them.


Mr. Red is whispering “I love you Mom.”

20170526_073623 Mr. Orange fits perfectly in the food dish.

20170525_184706Mr. Red also likes taking naps in the food dish.


Mr. Green likes this toy that matches his collar.


They all LOVE their Blue Buffalo Puppy Chow.


We play with all the puppies as much as possible and

let our granddaughter hold them with our supervision.

20170527_143902   Our granddaughter is safe with all these Labradors.


Mr. Red is curious about the set of stairs we have given the pups.

They will learn to climb up and down very quickly!


It’s nap time right now……………..


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Three Weeks Old Today

by Margaret on May 17, 2017

Sally’s pups are 3 weeks old today.

Sally 2a

The black male knows where he wants to be.

Sally 7a

There he is! Over on the left. Wonder what his name will be?

Sally 1a

Sally has all five pups enjoying an evening snack outside of their whelping box.

Sally 3a

View from above……….

Sally 6a

Such beautiful faces.

Sally 5a

Aunt Tina came in to check her nieces and nephews.

Sally is relaxing on a nice soft carpet.

Sally 9a

Lexi has been waiting for permission from Sally to play with her pups.

One of the yellow males is in between Lexi and Aunt Tina.


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Happy 2 Weeks To Sally’s Pups

by Margaret on May 10, 2017


Sally is constantly with her pups. She leaves them just to eat and go outside.


Sally’s pups are almost 3 times their birth weight right now.


Happy Mother’s Day Sally Ann Tickledrawers!



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Sally Has Her Puppies

by Margaret on April 27, 2017

20170426_211933Sally worked very hard for over 24 hours.

You can find her loving up five new puppies.


Sally is busy cleaning and feeding her little ones.


This is Sally’s first litter. She has one black male,

2 yellow females and 2 yellow males.


We took many, many walks outside from Tuesday afternoon

until Wednesday afternoon before any pups were born.

It was well worth it for all of us and the families

who have been waiting for one of Sally’s pups.


This is Sally during labor and just before her pups were being born.

She is in her whelping box which is where the puppies are born

and will stay for the next four weeks.


Sally’s little black male was the first born. He started drinking right away!


Sally was confused after the first puppy and went underneath this chair.

She is so dedicated now. She will not leave her pups.


“Joyce” has been present at every litter of puppies for the past 14 years.

She jumped in with the puppies yesterday and Sally did not mind at all.


Their colors are beautiful!




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