Three Weeks Old Today

by Margaret on May 17, 2017

Sally’s pups are 3 weeks old today.

Sally 2a

The black male knows where he wants to be.

Sally 7a

There he is! Over on the left. Wonder what his name will be?

Sally 1a

Sally has all five pups enjoying an evening snack outside of their whelping box.

Sally 3a

View from above……….

Sally 6a

Such beautiful faces.

Sally 5a

Aunt Tina came in to check her nieces and nephews.

Sally is relaxing on a nice soft carpet.

Sally 9a

Lexi has been waiting for permission from Sally to play with her pups.

One of the yellow males is in between Lexi and Aunt Tina.


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Happy 2 Weeks To Sally’s Pups

by Margaret on May 10, 2017


Sally is constantly with her pups. She leaves them just to eat and go outside.


Sally’s pups are almost 3 times their birth weight right now.


Happy Mother’s Day Sally Ann Tickledrawers!



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Sally Has Her Puppies

by Margaret on April 27, 2017

20170426_211933Sally worked very hard for over 24 hours.

You can find her loving up five new puppies.


Sally is busy cleaning and feeding her little ones.


This is Sally’s first litter. She has one black male,

2 yellow females and 2 yellow males.


We took many, many walks outside from Tuesday afternoon

until Wednesday afternoon before any pups were born.

It was well worth it for all of us and the families

who have been waiting for one of Sally’s pups.


This is Sally during labor and just before her pups were being born.

She is in her whelping box which is where the puppies are born

and will stay for the next four weeks.


Sally’s little black male was the first born. He started drinking right away!


Sally was confused after the first puppy and went underneath this chair.

She is so dedicated now. She will not leave her pups.


“Joyce” has been present at every litter of puppies for the past 14 years.

She jumped in with the puppies yesterday and Sally did not mind at all.


Their colors are beautiful!




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Kayla and Hailey

“Kayla” and “Hailey” are from two different litters.

Sammy Sweetheart is Kayla’s mom and Ida Mae is Hailey’s mom.

Nugget from Angie Sept. litter

“Nugget” at the beach. His mom is Angie.

He was born September 10, 2016.

Jack Moore

“Jack”  is one of Sammy Sweetheart’s handsome boys.

He was born June of 2016.

Lexi in the snow

“Lexi” in the snow at A Family Farm.

Lexi in the sun

“Lexi’s” mom is Ida Mae and her dad is Hailstorm.

“Lexi” lives at A Family Farm.

Crosby photo

“Crosby” with some of his new toys.

His mom is Ida Mae and his dad is Hailstorm.

He was born New Year’s Eve.

Indie and Foster bb

“Indie” was born New Year’s Eve.

Her mom is Ida Mae and her dad is Hailstorm.

Indie and Foster with Brady

“Indie” has two big brothers! Foster and Brady.

Lily and Gia

“Lily” is one of Annie’s daughters and “Gia” is one of Gracie’s daughters.

They now live as sisters.

Annabelle and Brodie

“Annabelle” and “Brodie” are from Angie. Their dad is Big Al.

Brodie lives at A Family Farm Labradors.

Annabelle and Madison

“Annabelle” lives with her Labrador sister.

Sonny Larsen

“Sonny” is a handsome boy. His mom was Kayla Copacabana.

Jack and Sophie

“Jack” is one of Gracie’s boys born September 11, 2016.

“Sophie” is one of Francie Pants’ beauties.

Sophie is teaching Jack how to be The Best Dog!

Charlie II and big sister

“Charlie” has a built-in big sister at his home.

He was born September 11, 2016.

His mom is Gracie Clementine and his dad is Hailstorm.

Charlie and her Golden Retriever sister

“Charlie” is one of Sammy Sweetheart’s beauties.

Her Golden Retriever sister loves her and teaches her.

Moose Dolman

“Moose” is one of Jeannie’s handsome boys.

He loves being pampered.

Finnegan Brawley

“Finnegan” loves the snow!

His mom is Gracie Clementine.


“Emma” is one of Angie’s girls born September 10, 2016.

She loves helping her family with the horses.

Jazz snuggles with Lexi

Our Pug, “Jazz” is the same size as “Lexi” is right now.

But that won’t last much longer……



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Crosby, the former Mr. Black takes time to smell everything after his bath.

He was still drying off under the towel.


 Crosby and his family getting ready to go home!


Look at that face! Crosby has such a relaxed look

while being hugged by his mom.


Jeter, the former Mr. Blue is wondering how far down it is from the sink…..


Jeter’s new big brother can’t wait to get him home for fun and games!


Max, the former Mr. Green likes licking up the extra water!


Max and his new family are ready to start their new lives together.


Max gives his new mom some wonderful puppy kisses!

He knows he has found the perfect family for him!


 Ms. Orange thinks there might be treats in that goose shaped cookie jar.


Hailey, the former Ms. Orange has a brother and a sister to play with PLUS

another A Family Farm Labrador sister waiting for her at home.


Carter, the former Mr. Green was very relaxed while he had his bath.


Carter’s dad has green on to match his new handsome Labrador.

His face says it all!


Carter’s new mom is telling him there is another A Family Farm Labrador brother

waiting for him at home! They will be having LOTS of fun together!


Brodie is checking on Lola, the former Ms. Purple while she gets dried off.

He will miss having all these pups around.


Lola’s family have lots of special toys waiting for her and her big sister

has lots of plans for play time.

Tina, our yellow girl is saying a quiet “Good bye”.


Indie, the former Ms. Pink is saying “My hair is all messy right now!”

She had a pile of towels to sit on and get dry with.


Indie’s new mom and dad brought her first toy with them.

She will have fun playing with her two four legged brothers at home.


Mr. Black and Mr. Red are all fresh from their baths,

just waiting for their new families to come for them.


Kevin, the former Mr. Red wants to get out of the bath and

start playing with his new big brothers.


Kevin’s new dad gave him lots of great warm hugs after the bath.


Kevin’s new family will be sharing lots of special memories together.


Ida Mae and all of our A Family Farm Labradors have given our hearts

to all of these beautiful puppies.

We know they are going to wonderful families

and we hope to hear Sterling Reports of their progress!!!



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Lots of fun

by Margaret on February 23, 2017


Mr. Red loved chewing on the stuffed toy snake we gave him.

He now has his perfect family.

All of Ida Mae’s pups went to their

new Forever Homes Saturday, 2-24-17


Mr. Black likes the feel of this hard plastic toy on his puppy teeth.


Mr. Red on the left has his snake toy.

Ms. Orange on the right really wants it.


It looks like Mr. Red and Mr. Blue each have half a snake!


Ms. Pink likes laying on the top of the stairs we gave them.

They all learned how to climb the stairs.


Four way Tug of War going on.


Mr. Black likes the texture of this rope on his teeth.


Mr. Black also discovered this hard plastic toy that makes noise.


Ms. Pink says “I love this soft stuffed toy!”


Ms. Purple has a try at this toy. They are all so curious!!!


Ms. Orange is tasting the tiny bit of cottage cheese we left in the container.

20170220_125933Mr. Green ran off with the lid to the cottage cheese container!!!

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Ida Mae’s Pups and their Visit to the Veterinarian

by Margaret on February 22, 2017

Is this going to hurt? I think I have some medicine on my face.

This doesn’t hurt. I think I might have some medicine on my face.


Ms. Yellow loves Dr. Rock Vali of Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals in Newtown, CT.

20170216_172719Ms. Orange likes being held.

20170216_172631Ms. Purple gets her vaccination.

20170216_171910Mr. Green stands very still while his brother, Mr. Black has his nails trimmed.


Yum! That tastes pretty good.


Mr. Blue stayed very still while Dr. Vali listened to his heart.


Mike plays with the puppies to keep them in one spot.

He was the Puppy Magnet.

helping with medicine and nail trimming.

We had two very nice vet techs who helped with medicine and nail trimming.


Mr. Red is ready for his exam.


Mr. Green has his heart checked.


It was hard to walk in between puppies!

20170216_173227Mr. Black and Ms. Purple together made us laugh.

20170216_173404 Double trouble.


Mr. Green wants to go home.

for a road trip.

Sally watching the road on the way to the Vet. She loves any excuse for a road trip.


Sally came with us and slept next to the puppies.

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New “Big Dog” Collars

by Margaret on February 10, 2017


All nine of Ida Mae’s pups have their new collars on.

They are eating breakfast from two dishes now,

but prefer to start and finish the first dish

before going to the next one. Go figure…………


Two more weeks before they go to their new homes!

Tomorrow all the families will select their new puppy.


Ms. Purple and Ms. Pink are wrestling this morning.


Mr. Blue is napping after that big breakfast.

20170210_074523Mr. Green likes to be close to one of his littermates when he naps.


Mr. Green and Ms. Orange have figured out the stairs.

Mr. Black is ready for his turn.


Ms. Pink, Ms. Yellow and Ms. Purple are taking a break.

They run at full speed and then they nap. It’s that simple.


Ms. Orange might be pushing Mr. Green off.


Mr. Black, Ms. Purple and Ms. Yellow are out for the count with Ms. Pink.


 Here they are again from a different view.

20170210_074630Mr. Green is hoping there is enough room for him in that puppy nap…….

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Ida Mae’s Pups are Five Weeks Old Now

by Margaret on February 6, 2017


Great Grandmother, Francie Pants likes to meet all

the new families for our puppies.


Three little girls of Ida Mae are getting most of the attention.

Brodie managed to get onto the couch and be a part of the experience.

We have four generations of Labradors.


Ms. Purple, you are the sweetest little puppy!


We gave the puppies a set of stairs to play on and learn new skills.

Mr. Green is going to the head of the class!


Mr. Green will be playing “King of the Mountain” soon.


Ms. Orange is thinking about joining the “club” that is forming

in the hollow part of the stairs.


Mr. Green wants to know what kind of activities

they have planned for this club…..


Lunch time!!! We are feeding the puppies Blue Buffalo puppy chow.

They love it!


Time for a nap after that big lunch.


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Ida Mae Puppies Learning to Eat Puppy Food

by Margaret on February 2, 2017


Mr. Green is really “getting into his food”

while his brother, Mr. Black watches.


Mr. Black and Mr. Green are on the left.

Their brother, our other Mr. Green is next to them.

Ms. Purple is in the dish!! She is not shy about eating.

Green and Pink sleeping

Mr. Green and Ms. Pink are napping.


The puppies like this corner

where they sleep on a soft dog bed and towels.

Mom and puppy true love 2-1-17

Ida Mae loves her babies.


The pups are now in our kitchen where they see all the big dogs.

They get used to hearing all the sounds of a household

like phone, vacuum, TV, etc.


Mr. Red is investigating the yogurt container next to Mr. Black.


Mr. Green found a different yogurt container to examine.


Auntie Tina is on the outside near the puppies.

She would really love to be on the inside!


Ms. Pink and Auntie Tina are nose to nose.

Tina is giving a few tips to her little niece.


Our Pug likes “talking” to the puppies.

Grandmother Gracie Clementine is looking up at the camera.


Mr. Green has a full tummy and is sleeping it off.


Sweet dreams Ms. Purple.


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