Happy First Birthday to Sammy’s Pups

by Margaret on September 5, 2014

 Below are a few First Birthday photos from Sammy’s pups

born last year, September 2, 1013.

We will update this page as more photos come in.

Hank is one of Sammy’s handsome boys who is celebrating his First Birthday!

His mom and dad gave him a steak to celebrate!

Hank is still waiting for permission. Hope it was soon!

Cupcakes and a Birthday hat were just the beginning for Lily Sunshine!

That looks like strawberry ice cream. Yum!

Lily Sunshine had a great First Birthday!

Would you like a little more cake? Sure!

Lily Sunshine is looking all grown up and beautiful!


Tina with her Birthday toy which was destroyed very quickly!

 Tina with Margaret, Sally and Kayla. It was a crazy party as usual!


Mike tried to put a birthday crown on Tina, but she just wanted the cupcakes.


Tina Bit Of Sammy is looking all grown up. She seemed to know it was her birthday!










Happy First Birthday!


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Fifteen Minutes of Labrador

by Margaret on August 19, 2014

The following is fifteen minutes of photos. We could probably take a million more!

Kayla Copacabana loves to watch the world from our front porch.

She is one of our Grandma’s and is retired.

Sammy Sweetheart and Tina are mother and daughter.

Our other retired Grandma is Francie Pants.

She likes to take long walks around our yard.

 Gracie Clementine found a favorite stuffed animal.

Gracie is Ida Mae’s mom and Francie Pants’ daughter.

 Angela Mia is growing up! She turned one in April. Her mom is Jeannie.

 The girls found something interesting in the flower bed.

They seem to be grazing…

 Ida Mae, Tina and Sally are finding the apples that hit the ground.

They are always playing together.

Tina and Sally follow Mike everywhere! They are always hoping

to go in the truck with him so they stay close.

 Sammy Sweetheart with her mom, Kayla Copacabana.

 Gracie Clementine says “It’s time to eat now”. Let’s go inside.

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Angie and Sally Go Swimming!

by Margaret on July 2, 2014

It was just one year ago that we had Angie and Sally in our pool

and here they are again!

Being water dogs, they LOVED the experience!

Angie and Sally race back to the ladder together with the toy.


Angie waits for Sally to go down the ladder first.

Angie dives in without hesitation! She decided not to wait for Sally.

Sally dives in with her “Flying Ears”.

Angie leads with the toy in her mouth. Sally is right next to her.

Angie brought the toy back to Sally on this dive.






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Ida Mae Gets Her Microchip

by Margaret on June 1, 2014

Ida Mae went to the Veterinarian’s office last week

for her rabies vaccination and her microchip.

Dr. Cliff Heidinger checks Ida’s heart, ears, teeth, etc.

She weighs 26 pounds.

 We were fooling around and turned Ida Mae into a different dog!

She has a dirty nose because she got into the mud right before we left for her appointment.

Ooh! That shot kind of pinched.

All smiles now.

Dr. Heidinger gives Ida Mae her microchip with her own personal I.D. number.

Ida Mae gets her nose up close to the microchip wand.

This instrument can “read” Ida Mae’s number.

 Ida Mae is reading her paper work and looking at her rabies tag.

Just sitting and waiting patiently.

Ahhhh…we’re going home and Ida Mae is sleepy.

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Gracie’s Pups Go To Their New Forever Homes!

by Margaret on April 24, 2014

Mr. Green was the first puppy to leave. They could not wait to get him home!


Sally checks on Mr. Green while he gets his bath. His family will be here soon!

 Mr. Red is ready to start his new life!

Mr. Red wants to smell really good. Mr. Green and Tina wait for him.

Ms. Pink loves her new mom and dad.

 Ms. Pink was napping while she waited for her family to arrive.

Mr. Black will be busy with his two big brothers!

Mr. Black took a walk with his mom, Gracie Clementine.


Mr. Yellow will have many adventures to share!

We see lots of ball games in his future.

Mr. Yellow loved his bath!

Mr. Blue has three big sisters ready to pamper him and dress him up!

Mr. Blue was curious about everything while he had his bath.

Mr. Orange has many soccer games in his future!

Mr. Orange found a bone to take with him.

Ms. Purple’s mom gets lots of kisses when she arrives!

Ms. Purple gets kisses from her mom, Gracie Clementine.


Mike gets lots of kisses from our newest addition!

Ida Mae Bit O’ Gracie of A Family Farm.

Margaret with Ida Mae Bit O’ Gracie of A Family Farm.

Ida Mae is outside playing with Gracie Clementine and Tina.

She will be sharing all her adventures with us here at A Family Farm Labradors.












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Our Vet Visit and First Puppy Shots

by Margaret on April 15, 2014

  Gracie Clementine’s puppies went for their vet visit this morning.

It was very busy in the office with all the puppies excited to be getting their first road trip and their first puppy shots.

Mr. Orange stood very still while he was weighed.

Ms. Pink was very interested in that “ear thing” that sees inside her ears……….

 Ms. Purple has some very clean ears.


Ida Mae has some nice choppers!

Mr. Blue sounds great! He is very calm.

Mr. Yellow made friends with the vet assistant.

Mr. Black is a good looking puppy.


Wow, look at THOSE choppers Mr. Green!

Mr. Red was such a good boy while he was being weighed.

 Mr. Blue fell asleep after his exam.

Ms. Purple, Mr. Red, Mr. Black and Ms. Pink asleep after their exam under a chair.

It’s raining very hard outside. Can we just go home now?


Dr. Cliff Heidinger and his staff are very caring and patient when we bring our latest group to the office.


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One More Week

by Margaret on April 11, 2014

Mr. Yellow is reading the classified section of the Ridgefield Press.

  Mr. Black and Ida Mae play quietly in the morning.


Mr. Green and Ms. Purple love this new shoe box.

They flattened it in about 5 minutes!

Mr. Green before they smashed the box.



 Mr. Blue is so handsome next to a sleeping Ms. Purple.


Mr. Orange loves the camera. It is difficult to take a candid photo.

Mr. Red, Ms. Pink, Ms. Purple and Mr. Blue spread out for a morning nap.






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Gracie’s Girls Are Having Visitors

by Margaret on March 26, 2014

Ms. Purple, can you give me your paw?

This is sooo much fun!

Two brothers with Ms. Purple and Ms. Pink.

I have two puppies at the same time!


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Puppies Are So Much Fun!

by Margaret on March 23, 2014

Mr. Red, Mr. Yellow, Mr. Blue and Mr. Green share dish number one.

Mr. Black and Mr. Orange chose to eat with the girls!

Ms. Pink, Ms. Purple and Ms. Turquoise all ate at dish number 2.


 Mr. Green and Mr. Red were being so sweet today.

Jazz always gets involved in the puppy visits. She jumped right up!


Mr. Orange found Gracie first and stayed with her.

Mr. Orange and Mr. Yellow found mom and had a nice long drink.










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Gracie’s Pups Start Getting Visitors

by Margaret on March 19, 2014

It is too soon for the families to choose their puppies.

Sometimes you just need a “Puppy Fix”.

Tina loves our visitors! She is only six months old.

Mr. Blue is waiting patiently for some attention.


This black puppy is so soft!


The puppies will grow to be bigger than Jazz, our Pug.


Mr. Blue is flirting with everyone today!

 Mr. Red loves these boots!


Gracie takes a nap on the bed while her puppies get all the attention.

The puppies do a giant pile up after their visitors go home. They needed a nap!






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