We have 3 litters. Puppies Are All Doing Well

by Margaret on December 6, 2017


Angela Mia Gypsy Jet has 4 yellow puppies and 4 black puppies.

December 4, 2017.


This photo was taken this morning.

Angela Mia Gypsy Jet. Can you see the little yellow foot under her head?

December 6, 2017.


Ida Mae’s pups were born Saturday, December 2, 2017.

3 yellow puppies and 4 black puppies.

It was a very busy and sleepless weekend for the humans.


Ida Mae’s daughter, Lexi is watching her new baby brothers and sisters.


Gracie Clementine has the largest litter with 10 pups.

3 yellow puppies and 7 black puppies.

November 23, 2017



 You can see the difference just a few days make in sizes.

Gracie’s puppy (right) is 9 days older than Ida Mae’s (middle).

Angie’s puppy (left) is 2 days younger than Ida Mae’s puppy.



We lined them up in the same order:

Angie’s puppy (left), Ida Mae’s puppy (middle) and Gracie’s puppy (right).






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Gracie Clementine Has 10 Puppies on Thanksgiving Day

by Margaret on November 28, 2017

Constantly drinking

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Gracie Clementine

and her brand new puppies.

10 pups! 3 yellow and 7 black. Born November 23, 2017.

Four babies drinking

The puppies need their mother’s milk as soon as they are born.

Making a patternFour pups who are still wet, but already know where to go to drink.

Some upside downAll 7 pups hooked up at the “Milk Bar”. Some are upside down…


The three yellow pups have pink faces for now.

The faces and their little foot pads will turn black soon.

20171126_123812 Look at those wrinkly faces.

One little pup has her tongue sticking out while she sleeps.


More wrinkles on their faces. They are gaining weight every day!


The yellow female has pink face and pink feet for now.

Gracie right before delivery

This is Gracie Clementine minutes before her first puppy was born.

She was in labor all night and the first pup was born after 4am.

The Peanut Gallery

This is the “Peanut Gallery”.

All the big dogs have to wait outside our room while Gracie is having her pups.

They have been through this many times before.

Sally is always up front, next to the gate, hoping to be allowed in.

Lexi was allowed to stay.

Lexi is our 11 month old. She wanted to be with her

Great Grandmother, Gracie Clementine

and was smart to just curl up on one of the dog beds.

Lexi staying out of sight.

Lexi eventually moved onto our bed and fell asleep, while we waited for pups.

Lexi just wanted to be with us.Lexi is watching me, but staying quiet so she can stay in the room.

All the other dogs were stuck out in the hallway.



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Francie Pants Will Always Be With Us

by Margaret on November 2, 2017

Francie Pants was our “Babysitter Nanna” and loved her job.

This video is from this past summer.

The puppies above were from Sammy Sweetheart.

She would let the pups climb all over her, snuggle with her,

even try to nurse from her and they were not her puppies.

Francie has left us to be with her sister Kayla Copacabana up in Heaven.

We will have cupcakes on November 15

to celebrate what would have been her 13th birthday.

We love you Francie Pants!!!


Francie and Kayla on one of the many Road Trips.

They both loved going in the car or truck.


An old Birthday party from 2009.

Look at the anticipation of cupcakes!

k and f october 2010 067

Francie and Kayla would greet everyone coming to the house.


Francie Pants letting Sammy’s pups climb all over her.


Francie Pants took care of everyone’s pups as if they were her own.

Labradors are the best!!!

Thank you for being a Huge part of our lives for 13 years.

We will miss you sweet girl.



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Greetings from A Family Farm Labradors

by Margaret on October 24, 2017


We love meeting the seriously interested families looking for a new Best Friend!

Give us a call and set up an appointment.


Our Labradors love hanging out on the front porch, watching the world go by.


Gracie Clementine is soaking up the sun on the back porch.


Gracie is expecting puppies Thanksgiving week.


Tina also likes to lay in the sun. She is always smiling.


Tina and Ida Mae are expecting puppies in December.


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Post Cards From Keira

by Margaret on September 28, 2017

Keira Labrador

Keira is one of Gracie Clementine’s Beauties born May 12, 2015.

She loves posing for her mom.

Keira DD

Her family tells us she has a fun and loving personality.

Keira CC

Keira loves any chance to get wet!

Keira EE

Taking care of her big sister and big brothers is a very important job.

She lets them think they are taking care of HER.





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Cooper’s Brother Comes For A Visit

by Margaret on September 15, 2017

20170910_164652 (2)

Cooper waited patiently for our visitor to arrive.


Cooper and Sally (on the left), greet Sam Wise.


Cooper and Sam Wise are brothers. Their mom is Lily.

Sally, Cooper and Sam Wise all have Big Al for their dad.

Sally’s mom was Annie. You can see the similarities.

20170910_164625 (2)

Sally relaxes while she waits on the driveway.


Sam Wise checks out Sally.


The brothers were catching up with each other.

They are 2 years old. Sally is 4 years old.


Typical “Dog Stuff”.






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Be The Best Dog You Can Be

by Margaret on August 30, 2017

All of Sammy Sweetheart’s puppies have gone with their

New Forever Families to begin their new lives.

Pink outside

We know we have given you all a strong foundation to build on.

Blue outside

Be The Best Dog You Can Be!

Orange family

Make your mom proud.

Pink bath

We will be waiting to hear of your progress.

Blue family


Blue bath


Pink family


Purple chilling


Purple family

We know all our pups will be Loved!



Red playing

And Remember, Just Have Fun!!!

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Sammy’s Pups Go To The Vet

by Margaret on August 9, 2017


Did I hear “Road Trip?”

Ms. RedMs. Red will receive a thorough exam by our veterinarian.

We highly recommend Dr. Vali of Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals in Newtown, CT.


Ms. Yellow liked the medicine so much she licked up the rest from Dr. Vali’s finger.

20170804_103555Ms. Orange was a super patient!


“Ms. Pink gets her heart checked.


Mr. Green was so brave when he got his vaccination.


Mike kissed Mr. Green after his exam.

We can’t help ourselves! They all gets lots of kisses and hugs.


Mr. Blue’s ears were nice and clean.


Ms. Purple likes this medicine too!


Ms. Purple LOVED our Vet Technician, Kristen!


  Afterwards all the pups got a pedicure. Vet Technician Sara kept puppy paws still.


 The Vet Technicians were all so gentle. The pups just melted in their arms.

20170804_112206When we got home Sammy gave everyone some loving and a good drink!


Great Aunt Francie Pants was happy to help out “babysitting”.

The puppies love her and she loves them!


 Mr. Blue told Aunt Sally all about their adventure.


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Going Outside!!!

by Margaret on July 31, 2017

20170730_131619 - CopyYesterday we set up a giant play area outside for Sammy’s pups.


The puppies followed Sammy Sweetheart while she inspected their play area.


You can see how cautious Mr. Blue is as he stretches to smell the grass.


Everyone takes a quick break in the shade. We put up umbrellas all along the edge.


The big dogs come in to inspect while Mike puts up more umbrellas

and water in the swimming pool.


Mr. Blue was busy chewing on my shoelace.


Ms. Pink watches while Ms. Orange and Ms. Yellow get a drink of cold water.


Brodie is splashing in the water, inviting Ms. Pink to join him.

She has to think about it for a little bit.


 Can you see Sammy up on the wall?

She is in the shade, quietly keeping an eye on her pups.

We are sitting opposite her on our porch, keeping an eye on everything as well.

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Sammy’s Pups Start Eating Puppy Food

by Margaret on July 18, 2017

puppy foodAll of Sammy’s pups love their new puppy food!

We put warm water in it to soften the food and give them more liquids.


Ms. Pink and Mr. Green have this dish all to themselves for now.


Ms. Purple had enough. She is heading off to take a nap now.


Hey, move over, this looks like a good place to sleep.


How many puppies can we get in one food dish?

Pretty soon one puppy will not even fit!


Ms. Orange is very comfortable up side down.


Sammy gets to come in and clean up anything that is left behind.


Everyone loves it when mom comes in!


Ms. Pink climbs into the puppy bed to get a drink and take a nap.


Sammy loves the puppy bed for herself!


They fall asleep in the strangest positions.


Mr. Blue is dreaming about puppy stuff.


Mr. Green and Ms. Yellow like snuggling while they nap.


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