Sammy Sweetheart and Her Pups 2015

by Margaret on May 13, 2015

One of Sammy's pups born May 1, 2015.

One of Sammy Sweetheart’s pups born May 1, 2015.


Sammy Sweetheart’s pups barely fit into the scale!

P1420630It’s hard work being a mom.


 Sammy gets some time by herself right outside her whelping box.


Some of the girls came in to check on Sammy and her pups last week.


Sally had a better view of the pups from the bed.


This is a view of the “Peanut Gallery” when pups were being born.

Everyone had to watch from the hallway.

 Joyce the cat is on the inside looking at the peanut gallery.

Joyce, our orange cat was allowed to stay on the inside while Sally was sent to the hallway.

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Winter Fun

by Margaret on March 31, 2015

Gracie Clementine

Gracie Clementine is having fun in the snow.

Ida MaeIda Mae sees something!

Tina and Ida MaeTina stands guard while Ida Mae digs down deep!

Sammy and TinaSammy Sweetheart and Tina are mother and daughter.

TinaTina has the most expressive face!

SammySammy Sweetheart heading back to the house.

Sunning themselves

Kayla, Sally, Tina and Sammy are

sunning themselves on the back deck.

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Chip Comes to Visit!

by Margaret on March 9, 2015

We love when our puppies come back for a visit.

We get to see how they have grown and hear their stories.

Chip is one of Kayla’s handsome males.

Chip has that irresistible “Labrador smile”.

Chip is one of Sammy Sweetheart’s handsome brothers.

Their mom is Kayla Copacabana who is now retired.


Outside in the snow.

Chip’s coat is thick and beautiful.

 Chip is looking for the A Family Farm Labrador girls.

They were all inside the house.

Hmmm…. Chip smells something!

Chip listens to his dad. He knew the “down” command and did it right away.

Good boy!

 Chip’s big sister is proud of him. She told us Chip likes to pull off gloves and hats

when she and her family are outside in the snow.



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Labradors Love Snow!

by Margaret on February 8, 2015


Sally looks so much like Tina!

Sally can smell where the deer have been eating these shrubs.

Labradors are made for this weather!

Sally is very comfortable in the snow.

Angie is in full snow disguise.

Sammy Sweetheart napping after being outside.

Sally likes the top of the chair for her naps.

She can also see up and down the street from here.

Kayla Copacabana loves her afternoon naps.

This shows the complete story with Sally’s favorite rope toy close by.

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Snow Day!

by Margaret on January 9, 2015

The girls at A Family Farm LOVE the snow!


Kayla, Angie and Tina feel Snow Days Are The BEST!!!!

 Let’s Play! Sally has a face full of snow.

Angie and Tina want to look like Sally!

Ida Mae, Gracie Clementine, Angie and Francie Pants have their own plans!

Francie Pants really loves rolling in the snow!

Ida Mae has flying ears!

Gracie Clementine is washing her face with snow!

Gracie Clementine has her snow face on.

Gracie Clementine brought her snow inside with Jazz following her.

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Bones All Around

by Margaret on December 10, 2014

Francie Pants did not waste any time getting at her bone.

Tina was very busy.

Gracie Clementine is guarding her bone.

Sally uses her paws to hold this gigantic bone.

Angie is very happy with her cow’s knuckle.

 Kayla Copacabana LOVED her bone!

Ida Mae might be chewing on this all night.

Sammy Sweetheart took her bone into the bedroom and onto a dog bed.




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Road Trip for Tina and Sally

by Margaret on November 13, 2014

Sally and Tina are heading out with Mike for a road trip.

Sally and Tina wait for Mike to open the door.

Two Labradors ready for a ride!

Tina is looking over Sally’s shoulders.


OK. Ready to go!
















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Happy Halloween 2014

by Margaret on October 31, 2014

Mason is ready to hand out the goodies.

Mason is ready to go Trick or Treating!

Clancy is going out on Howlaween as Candy Corn!!!

Ida Mae says red heads have more fun! Next year she wants to be a blonde.

Francie Pants makes a beautiful witch.

She will be celebrating her 10th birthday in November.

Sally wore her clown costume all over town. She loves going in the truck!

 Tina was not cooperating with the red wig.


Angie wanted to be exotic with this blue wig, but the other dogs ate part of it before she ever tried it on.


Max was chilling on his mom’s couch.

He turned out the lights on all the trick or treaters at 9pm.


















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Happy First Birthday to Sammy’s Pups

by Margaret on September 5, 2014

 Below are a few First Birthday photos from Sammy’s pups

born last year, September 2, 1013.

We will update this page as more photos come in.

Hank is one of Sammy’s handsome boys who is celebrating his First Birthday!

His mom and dad gave him a steak to celebrate!

Hank is still waiting for permission. Hope it was soon!

Cupcakes and a Birthday hat were just the beginning for Lily Sunshine!

That looks like strawberry ice cream. Yum!

Lily Sunshine had a great First Birthday!

Would you like a little more cake? Sure!

Lily Sunshine is looking all grown up and beautiful!


Tina with her Birthday toy which was destroyed very quickly!

 Tina with Margaret, Sally and Kayla. It was a crazy party as usual!


Mike tried to put a birthday crown on Tina, but she just wanted the cupcakes.


Tina Bit Of Sammy is looking all grown up.

She seemed to know it was her birthday!










Happy First Birthday!


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Fifteen Minutes of Labrador

by Margaret on August 19, 2014

The following is fifteen minutes of photos. We could probably take a million more!

Kayla Copacabana loves to watch the world from our front porch.

She is one of our Grandma’s and is retired.

Sammy Sweetheart and Tina are mother and daughter.

Our other retired Grandma is Francie Pants.

She likes to take long walks around our yard.

 Gracie Clementine found a favorite stuffed animal.

Gracie is Ida Mae’s mom and Francie Pants’ daughter.

 Angela Mia is growing up! She turned one in April. Her mom is Jeannie.

 The girls found something interesting in the flower bed.

They seem to be grazing…

 Ida Mae, Tina and Sally are finding the apples that hit the ground.

They are always playing together.

Tina and Sally follow Mike everywhere! They are always hoping

to go in the truck with him so they stay close.

 Sammy Sweetheart with her mom, Kayla Copacabana.

 Gracie Clementine says “It’s time to eat now”. Let’s go inside.

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