Our Vet Visit and First Puppy Shots

by Margaret on April 15, 2014

  Gracie Clementine’s puppies went for their vet visit this morning.

It was very busy in the office with all the puppies excited to be getting their first road trip and their first puppy shots.

Mr. Orange stood very still while he was weighed.

Ms. Pink was very interested in that “ear thing” that sees inside her ears……….

 Ms. Purple has some very clean ears.


Ida Mae has some nice choppers!

Mr. Blue sounds great! He is very calm.

Mr. Yellow made friends with the vet assistant.

Mr. Black is a good looking puppy.


Wow, look at THOSE choppers Mr. Green!

Mr. Red was such a good boy while he was being weighed.

 Mr. Blue fell asleep after his exam.

Ms. Purple, Mr. Red, Mr. Black and Ms. Pink asleep after their exam under a chair.

It’s raining very hard outside. Can we just go home now?


Dr. Cliff Heidinger and his staff are very caring and patient when we bring our latest group to the office.


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One More Week

by Margaret on April 11, 2014

Mr. Yellow is reading the classified section of the Ridgefield Press.

  Mr. Black and Ida Mae play quietly in the morning.


Mr. Green and Ms. Purple love this new shoe box.

They flattened it in about 5 minutes!

Mr. Green before they smashed the box.



 Mr. Blue is so handsome next to a sleeping Ms. Purple.


Mr. Orange loves the camera. It is difficult to take a candid photo.

Mr. Red, Ms. Pink, Ms. Purple and Mr. Blue spread out for a morning nap.






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Gracie’s Girls Are Having Visitors

by Margaret on March 26, 2014

Ms. Purple, can you give me your paw?

This is sooo much fun!

Two brothers with Ms. Purple and Ms. Pink.

I have two puppies at the same time!


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Puppies Are So Much Fun!

by Margaret on March 23, 2014

Mr. Red, Mr. Yellow, Mr. Blue and Mr. Green share dish number one.

Mr. Black and Mr. Orange chose to eat with the girls!

Ms. Pink, Ms. Purple and Ms. Turquoise all ate at dish number 2.


 Mr. Green and Mr. Red were being so sweet today.

Jazz always gets involved in the puppy visits. She jumped right up!


Mr. Orange found Gracie first and stayed with her.

Mr. Orange and Mr. Yellow found mom and had a nice long drink.










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Gracie’s Pups Start Getting Visitors

by Margaret on March 19, 2014

It is too soon for the families to choose their puppies.

Sometimes you just need a “Puppy Fix”.

Tina loves our visitors! She is only six months old.

Mr. Blue is waiting patiently for some attention.


This black puppy is so soft!


The puppies will grow to be bigger than Jazz, our Pug.


Mr. Blue is flirting with everyone today!

 Mr. Red loves these boots!


Gracie takes a nap on the bed while her puppies get all the attention.

The puppies do a giant pile up after their visitors go home. They needed a nap!






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Gracie’s Pups Get Their Colors

by Margaret on March 13, 2014

All the pups have their colored necklaces now.

The yellow boys are Blue and Black

The black boys are Red, Green, Yellow and Orange

The girls are Pink, Purple and Turquoise

You will be able to watch their antics and also their progress.


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Gracie Clementine With Her New Puppies

by Margaret on February 23, 2014

Gracie Clementine and her new puppies.

February 22, 2014

The night before the puppies Gracie and Jazz were resting on the couch.

Friday morning Gracie decided it was time to get into the whelping box.

She had us watching and waiting until Saturday morning for puppies!

You can’t rush these things. Patience, patience, patience.

 We were playing dress up while we waited for the puppies to start.

Tina and Sally are in the front row next to Sammy Sweetheart.

Angie is in the back row with Kayla.

 Why do we have to wait out here?

The Peanut Gallery has been exiled. This happens every single time.

They get too curious and the new mom kicks them out!

Two pups and counting…………..

Not finished yet!

Look very closely and try counting……..

9 puppies!

7 black puppies and 2 yellow puppies. Gracie did a great job!















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Tina Gets Some Training

by Margaret on January 29, 2014

Tina is learning to listen to the noise her collar makes

when she gets too close to the flags along the boundary line.

The trainer from Ridgefield Pet starts slowly with Tina and is very patient.



 Tina gets her new collar and continues training.


Boundaries are very important.

Tina hears the noise from the collar and stays inside the yard.


All of our A Family Farm Labradors are trained on the

Pet Stop containment system, which keeps our Labs safe.

Tina gives positive feedback to her trainer from Ridgefield Pet.


She enjoyed her training today!


You did great Tina!

Tina is wearing her new collar now.

She is exhausted from all of her training today.

 Tina will now be able to run around with the big dogs

instead of being walked on a leash.



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It’s a Great Life!

by Margaret on January 19, 2014

Tina Bit O Sammy is loving the snow. Labradors love winter!

Tina and her Aunt Francie Pants out in the snow.

Sammy Sweetheart watches her daughter Tina as she eats a little bit of snow.

Sammy Sweetheart likes the taste of snow.

Zigging and zagging outside!


Angie is working on her favorite rope toy.

Sally is teaching Tina to play Tug O War with another favorite rope toy.

Gracie Clementine and Sally have the rope

while Tina is trying to get in on the game.

Everyone is in on this game!

Sammy Sweetheart and Sally resting up for an inside game.


Hot chocolate would be good. Is that for me?



















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It’s A Little Wet Outside

by Margaret on December 29, 2013

When you have lots of rain, you have lots of wet dogs.

It is a lot of work, but the dogs sit still while Margaret dries them off.

We have a lot of “dog towels” for times like this.

Sometimes they actually “cut” the line to get wiped again!

We try to get one dog at a time, so Angie is waiting patiently outside.

Sally has the towel on. Tina is curious and Kayla on the right is already dried off.


   Angie is soooooooo wet!!

Angie was the last one in so she was soaked!

 Gracie checks on Angie while she is being dried off.



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