Perfect Puppy Seeking Perfect Forever Home

by Margaret on October 2, 2015

   I am four months old and am looking for my Perfect Forever Home.

Cooper bb

Cooper dd


Cooper cc

I have all my puppy shots. I am totally house trained and leash trained.

Cooper ee

I am really great at traveling in the car or truck.

Cooper cc

I know how to get along with everyone.

Cooper dd

I love children and everyone I see!

Cooper bb

Cooper aa

I love other dogs and I really love cats!

Cooper ee

I would like a home with another dog and

someone who wants to love me allllllllllllll day long.


Please contact A Family Farm Labradors for more information.

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Dog Days of Summer

by Margaret on September 1, 2015

Tina and Sally

Tina and Sally work as a team retrieving toys from the pool.

girls swimming July ee

 Action shot! One going out to retrieve and one coming in with her prize!

girls swimming July gg

 Ida Mae LOVES this toy! She brought it back every time!

girls swimming July dd

 Ida Mae on the way back with her favorite toy.

girls swimming July cc

 Tina gets back to the ladder first. Sally and Ida Mae are right behind her.

They could do this all day, but we make them take breaks.

girls swimming July bb

 Sally wants to get the toy away from Ida Mae

before they get to the top of the ladder.


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Blue Fin mm

 (Mr. Blue) Finnegan gives Kayla Copacabana a sweet kiss.

Blue Fin dd

We love those flying ears!

Blue Fin aa

Happy Family! Going home!

Charlotte rr

 Charlotte trying to reach up to her mom, Sammy Sweetheart.

Charlotte hh

Tina and Sally show Charlotte where to find the cat.

Charlotte pp

Charlotte hugging her mom and ready to go home.


(Mr. Green) Finnegan found a toy in the dog house!

P1430838Finnegan gets in on the tug of war game.

Finn going cc

Finnegan’s new Forever Family!


(Ms. Orange) Tarka gets a bath before she goes home.


A little walk around the yard.


 Tarka’s new mom is in love with her puppy.

P1430704(Ms. Pink) Keira wanted two towels to dry off with.

Keira ee

We have already heard lots of great things about Keira

from her new Forever Family.

 Keira hhKeira will be having lots of fun with this big brother.

P1430905(Ms. Purple) Maizie had the stairs mastered.

Maizie and bathMaizie likes to drink the water before her bath.

Maizie ff

Maizie will be getting lots of kisses!


(Mr. Red) Murphy takes time to smell the roses.

P1430617Murphy’s going to be busy with his new family!


Murphy playing with his two big sisters, Tina and Sally.

Gia gg(Ms. Yellow) Gia has her new ID tag on!

Gia hh

Gia gave her new dad a big slurpy kiss while mom holds her.

 Gia eeGia will be growing up with her new Forever Family.

We wish you all long and healthy lives filled with

TONS of Wonderful memories!


Gracie Clementine and Sammy Sweetheart

have taught you all they could and now it is time

to be The BEST You Can Be!














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Fourth of July Family Reunion

by Margaret on July 5, 2015


Fourth of July Labrador Family Reunion

We brought Francie Pants over to see her daughter Jeannie, grand daughter Lily

and great grandchildren today.

Four generations of A Family Farm Labradors!

Three generations of our family met for the Fourth of July 2015.



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Ranger Goes To His New Forever Home

by Margaret on June 28, 2015

           Ranger takes time to smell the flowers.


Ranger is eight weeks old. He is the former Mr. Red.

rangerqqHe went off to explore the yard.

rangerzzRanger’s mom and big sister were giving him some special attention.

rangeryyHey, only my head fits through here!

ranger and CharlotteA quick game of keep away with all the pups.

rangereeRanger had a bath before he went to his new Forever home today.


In his new dad’s arms happy and asleep.

We wish you a long and happy life!




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Sammy and Gracie’s Pups Get Their Colors

by Margaret on June 8, 2015

Sammy with Gracie pups drinking

Gracie’s pups are actually drinking from their Aunt Sammy.

Our girls like to  share the puppies.

Now that they all have their own colors, we will be watching

what they are doing and how they are playing.


 Ms. Pink says “Give the green one to one of my brothers. I like pink!”


 New collars, lots of kisses and lots of smiles!


 Sammy’s little girl is also a Ms. Pink.

Sammy's Mr. Red eating my shoe but it hurt!

Sammy’s little boy is also a Mr. Red.

He is 12 days older and wears a “big dog” collar.


 Ms. Yellow and Ms. Orange are showing off their new colored collars.


Gracie’s Ms. Pink was tired from all the excitement today.


Ms. Purple is saving the orange collar for her sister.

Gracie's boys today

Gracie’s boys are Mr. Blue, Mr. Green and Mr. Red.

Gracie and pups with collars

 Mr. Green is diving over the rest of his litter.






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Lily’s Pups Are Growing!

by Margaret on June 8, 2015

Lily yellow babies AAWe enjoy watching them change more everyday.

Lily pups 1MondayThey make these patterns all the time with no help from the humans.

Lily photo 5

Lily’s pups will be two weeks old on Thursday.

Lily photo 4

Their little pink faces and foot pads are turning black.      Lily photo 3 There are five yellows and three blacks.



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Sally Having Fun at Home Depot

by Margaret on June 6, 2015

Sally smiling on cart at Home Depot

 Sally Tickledrawers was the star today at Home Depot.

Sally in plant dept. with Mike

 Mike only had to ask Sally once and she was ready to go!

Sally and Mike at Home Depot

 Everyone was stopping to comment on her good manners and beautiful color.

She is the perfect dog when it involves a field trip and a ride in the truck.

Sally at Home Depot in truck

 The truck was loaded and we were ready to go home.

Sally waiting for Mike at Home Depot

 Sally is waiting patiently for us. She also spotted a few birds…..

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Lily’s First Litter

by Margaret on May 31, 2015

 Lily delivered eight healthy Labrador puppies May 28, 2015.

Four boys and four girls.

photo 5

 Yellow and Black puppies.

photo 4

This is Lily’s first litter and she already has it all figured out.

photo 3CC

Looks like the little black one has finished dinner early.

photo 3

They put themselves into different patterns all the time.

Photo 2BB

Now all the yellows are together. Can you find the black puppies?

photo 2

This is a new and creative pattern.

Look at the full belly on that yellow pup on the right.


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Sammy’s Pups at Four Weeks

by Margaret on May 31, 2015


This little paw is only four weeks old.


This little boy was being cautious on his first trip outside.


He was not sure where to go first so he took a look around.

Everything has such interesting smells outside!


All the big girls wanted to be with the puppies when our visitors came.


We love the little tail shots.



 The little boy found a quiet spot between the toy basket and the sofa.


 The little girl was sooo tired after their visit.

Both pups just plopped down and went to sleep.










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