Send us SNOW PHOTOS!!!!!

by Margaret on February 16, 2018

We are expecting a LOT of snow tomorrow night into Sunday.

Lexi in the snow

Labradors LOVE SNOW!!!

Please get outside and take lots of Snow Photos of your A Family Farm Labradors playing and just Loving Life as we know they do.

We will post your photos on the website and also on

our Facebook page: A Family Farm Labradors

Photos only. Videos have to be very, very short to load onto our page.

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Puppies In Their New Homes

by Margaret on February 2, 2018

 We have received many photos of our puppies in their new homes.

Nike from Angie 2018

Nike is the former Ms. Black with paw prints from Angie.

She has two big sisters and one big brother to play with.

Tilley from Gracie 2018

Tilley is the former Ms. Pink from Gracie Clementine.

They are all getting excellent reports from their veterinarians and their families tell us most are doing very well with the house training. It takes patience and awareness for the humans.

Pierson dog and Luciano dog meet aaThese two puppies are actually neighbors!

Toby and Ruby are the former Mr. Blue and Ms. Yellow.

Their mom is Ida Mae.

Pierson dog and Luciano dog meet bb

Ruby and Toby were catching up inside after they played in the snow!

Luciano dog in crate

Ruby has a nice comfy crate and gets

to go to work with her mom!

We would find it hard to get any work done

with that little sweetheart.

Pierson dog at homeToby in his house, playing with his new toys.

Pierson dogs meet aaToby lives with his big sister Jessie,

a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Uncle Myles,

one of our A Family Farm Labradors.

Pierson dogs meet bbToby is trying to charm his Uncle Myles.

Maggie from Angie 2018 bb

Maggie is the former Ms. Green from Angie’s litter.

Maggie from Angie 2018 aa

Maggie’s whole world has opened up

now that she has her own family.

We are so happy for all of our puppies

and all of their loving families!

Bauer, Lane puppy 2018

Bauer is the former Mr. Red in Gracie Clementine’s litter.

Krisa dog Bailey

Bailey is the former Ms. Red (Scarlet) from Gracie’s litter.

Krisa dogs meet aaBailey is lucky to have a big brother Labradoodle at home!

They will be Best Friends!

Penny and Murphy Sommer 2018

Penny is the former Ms. Pale Green from Gracie.

She gets to live with her big brother, Murphy.

His mom is also Gracie Clementine.

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Ida Mae’s Puppies Get Their Vet Exam Today

by Margaret on January 19, 2018


Ida Mae’s pups are 8 weeks old this weekend.

This is Mr. Blue being brave.


Mr. Red is well-built and has the sweet personality all his litter mates have.


Mr. Red waited patiently for the next part of his exam.


Dr. Rock Vali of Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals checks Mr. Black.

The puppies love him!


Mr. Black is a poser.


All the pups received their first set of puppy shots.


Mr. Blue has his heart checked.  He stayed very still.


Ms. Red is getting some loving while she gets ready for her exam.


Very Nice!


Everyone smiles here. Can you see the sly puppy smile?


Ms. Yellow was so brave. She did not make a peep.


Our vet tech, JJ keeps Ms. Yellow calm.


Dr. Vali gives Ms. Red her puppy shot.


All the puppies received the same thorough exam and vaccinations.


 Mike held the two yellow boys.

They weighed exactly the same!


Ms. Purple is posing for us. She is very relaxed about everything. 20180119_095820

Everyone gets kisses before we go home. 20180119_100600

And we are on our way back to A Family Farm for some lunch!


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Gracie’s Pups Go To The Vet

by Margaret on January 12, 2018

 20180112_090009Gracie Clementine’s pups are 7 weeks old now.

This is “Lana” on her ride this morning.


The puppies stay together while they each have their individual exams.


 “Bauer” liked the warm towel in the car this morning.


We took all ten puppies to Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals in Newtown, CT.

Dr. Bakewell gave everyone a thorough exam today.


“Bauer” took his vaccination like a man.

20180112_094226Even his pedicure!


“Brady” slept until it was his turn.


“Brady” is the second largest puppy in this litter.

He is also the most vocal.


“Brady” is so confident. He knows how Cool he is!


“Raven” weighed in at 11.9 pounds.

He is the bruiser of the bunch and such a sweet boy.


The medicine must taste good. They all loved it!!


“Callie” has a healthy heart!


She was very relaxed while her nails were trimmed.


“Hailey” is named after her daddy.

She wants her family to know how well-behaved she was today.




“Gracie” is named after her mom! She loved every bit of attention!


“Do we get to choose our nail polish?”


You have your momma’s beautiful face, Gracie.


“Lana” was chilling while our Vet Tech, “JJ” held her.

We had a lot of fun today!


“Lana” might just be the “Diva” of the group!

20180112_100438 “Penny” did everything Dr. Bakewell asked her to do.


Look at those choppers!!!


“Scarlet” or Ms. Sparkly Red was super relaxed.

Because we hold our puppies all the time, they love attention.


“Scarlet”, you are such a good patient.


“Tilly” waited ’till the end for her exam.

She passed with flying colors!


And the medicine goes down…………


We have lots of fun with our puppies and we love to love them!

“Tilly” was having fun with Mike!





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Gracie’s Pups at 4 Weeks

by Margaret on December 28, 2017

 Gracie Clementine’s pups have moved into our kitchen.

They are eating Blue Buffalo puppy food and growing quickly.

Gracie feeds them briefly and then lets them play.

20171226_110726     There is a lot more room for running around now.

Puppies need room to play.20171226_111209Our one year old, Lexi is playing with the puppies. She is a Fun babysitter!!


Lexi is holding an empty paper towel tube made of cardboard.

The game is on!

20171226_111242 The simple toys are the most fun!


 This is Gracie Clementine. She is letting Ms. Yellow

have some special one-on-one time with her.


An empty cardboard box is now a “Club House”


Sleeping babies.


The quality food gives them healthy bodies and lustrous coats.


It’s a Ruff life being a puppy.


Beautiful babies all lined up.

They won’t fit in this bed for much longer.


Sweet dreams Mr. Green.




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Gracie’s Pups Get Their Colors

by Margaret on December 20, 2017





This handsome boy is the “Big Boy” of the litter.


The Aqua collar is a girl and the Red and Green collars are boys.

20171219_064813 (2)

Now we can see who is eating and watch their progress.


 Where does one puppy start or end?


Sleeping beauty in the middle of her brothers and sisters.


All of Gracie’s pups have a gold ribbon sewed to their collars.

The other two litters will have different ribbon so we know who their moms are.


 An empty cardboard box is always something that interests the puppies.


 They were all very curious about this box.

Some wanted to eat it and some just went inside.

Pretty soon they will climb on top of it.


Now that the box excitement is over, let’s take a nap.


 We let this pretty girl get some one-on-one time with Gracie.


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Puppy Tails 2017

by Margaret on December 13, 2017


Angie’s puppy is drinking milk and snuggled close! This is how we do it.


Sometimes their little tails are cuter than their faces.




After their tummies are full……


They are all so sweet.


It’s a Ruff life……….


Good night………..




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We have 3 litters. Puppies Are All Doing Well

by Margaret on December 6, 2017


Angela Mia Gypsy Jet has 4 yellow puppies and 4 black puppies.

December 4, 2017.


This photo was taken this morning.

Angela Mia Gypsy Jet. Can you see the little yellow foot under her head?

December 6, 2017.


Ida Mae’s pups were born Saturday, December 2, 2017.

3 yellow puppies and 4 black puppies.

It was a very busy and sleepless weekend for the humans.


Ida Mae’s daughter, Lexi is watching her new baby brothers and sisters.


Gracie Clementine has the largest litter with 10 pups.

3 yellow puppies and 7 black puppies.

November 23, 2017



 You can see the difference just a few days make in sizes.

Gracie’s puppy (right) is 9 days older than Ida Mae’s (middle).

Angie’s puppy (left) is 2 days younger than Ida Mae’s puppy.



We lined them up in the same order:

Angie’s puppy (left), Ida Mae’s puppy (middle) and Gracie’s puppy (right).






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Gracie Clementine Has 10 Puppies on Thanksgiving Day

by Margaret on November 28, 2017

Constantly drinking

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Gracie Clementine

and her brand new puppies.

10 pups! 3 yellow and 7 black. Born November 23, 2017.

Four babies drinking

The puppies need their mother’s milk as soon as they are born.

Making a patternFour pups who are still wet, but already know where to go to drink.

Some upside downAll 7 pups hooked up at the “Milk Bar”. Some are upside down…


The three yellow pups have pink faces for now.

The faces and their little foot pads will turn black soon.

20171126_123812 Look at those wrinkly faces.

One little pup has her tongue sticking out while she sleeps.


More wrinkles on their faces. They are gaining weight every day!


The yellow female has pink face and pink feet for now.

Gracie right before delivery

This is Gracie Clementine minutes before her first puppy was born.

She was in labor all night and the first pup was born after 4am.

The Peanut Gallery

This is the “Peanut Gallery”.

All the big dogs have to wait outside our room while Gracie is having her pups.

They have been through this many times before.

Sally is always up front, next to the gate, hoping to be allowed in.

Lexi was allowed to stay.

Lexi is our 11 month old. She wanted to be with her

Great Grandmother, Gracie Clementine

and was smart to just curl up on one of the dog beds.

Lexi staying out of sight.

Lexi eventually moved onto our bed and fell asleep, while we waited for pups.

Lexi just wanted to be with us.Lexi is watching me, but staying quiet so she can stay in the room.

All the other dogs were stuck out in the hallway.



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Francie Pants Will Always Be With Us

by Margaret on November 2, 2017

Francie Pants was our “Babysitter Nanna” and loved her job.

This video is from this past summer.

The puppies above were from Sammy Sweetheart.

She would let the pups climb all over her, snuggle with her,

even try to nurse from her and they were not her puppies.

Francie has left us to be with her sister Kayla Copacabana up in Heaven.

We will have cupcakes on November 15

to celebrate what would have been her 13th birthday.

We love you Francie Pants!!!


Francie and Kayla on one of the many Road Trips.

They both loved going in the car or truck.


An old Birthday party from 2009.

Look at the anticipation of cupcakes!

k and f october 2010 067

Francie and Kayla would greet everyone coming to the house.


Francie Pants letting Sammy’s pups climb all over her.


Francie Pants took care of everyone’s pups as if they were her own.

Labradors are the best!!!

Thank you for being a Huge part of our lives for 13 years.

We will miss you sweet girl.



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