New Digs and New Food

by Margaret on October 7, 2016


Some of Gracie’s boys are starting to eat puppy chow.


These two kept coming back for more!


Angie’s pups have two dishes! A few really get “into” their food.


 They have taken over our living room! 18 puppies

meant we needed more room for them to run around

and still stay separate.

Gracie’s pups are on the left. Angie’s pups are on the right.

They experience ALL the sounds and events of our home WITH us!


Angie’s boy, Mr. Red is very comfortable napping

after his breakfast today.

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Their Eyes are Open and They are Running Around!

by Margaret on October 3, 2016


Our puppies are having lots of “Selfies” taken!


They look like little wind up toys right now.


Some puppies sleep through EVERYTHING.


Smiling faces are everywhere.


 This little black beauty is making a big impression.


There are dogs everywhere.

Tina is checking on one of the puppies.


This little puppy got one more hug before they had to leave.



We wonder what they are dreaming about so peacefully.


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Hanging Out at A Family Farm

by Margaret on September 22, 2016


This is the Big Chair.

All the girls like to lounge here during the day.

They can see everything.


There were 12 turkeys strolling through our yard

and the A Family Farm Labradors were watching intently.


Our yellow girls (and our Pug, Jazz) love to soak up the sun.


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Two Brand New Litters!!! We had a Busy Weekend!!

by Margaret on September 14, 2016


Angela Mia Gyspy Jet with her 9 pups.

Saturday, September 10, 2016.


Angela Mia Gypsy Jet has 4 girls and 5 boys.


Gracie Clementine with her 10 pups.

Sunday, September 11, 2016.


Gracie has the ALL Boys Club. 10 Boys.


Brand new puppies have lots of wrinkles.


Gracie Clementine carefully cleans the first puppy.

She has been extremely busy

now that she has 10 pups to feed and clean.


“Nurse Joyce” was ready to write down everything.

We have quite the nursery going.

Two whelping boxes are side by side with 19 pups.



“Jazz” our Pug is worried about her best friend, Gracie Clementine

before the pups were born.

Jazz and Gracie are usually together on the couch, snuggling.


Our big male, Cooper is helping Jazz

get through her loneliness

while Gracie Clementine is busy with her pups.


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Tina’s Pups Go To Their New Families

by Margaret on August 26, 2016

Tina checks her baby Maggie

Tina is whispering to her daughter “Be the BEST you can be!”

Maggie and Cooper

 Cooper checks on “Maggie” after her bath.

Tina and Sammy check Maggie

Three generations together.

Sammy Sweetheart (r) is Tina’s mom and Tina (l) is Maggie’s mom.

Grandmother and mom both cared for each other’s puppies.

Maggie's new family

Maggie will be having lots of fun with her new family.

She has a big sister and big brother to play with!

Ruben likes his bath

“Ruben” was very relaxed in our kitchen sink while he got his bath.

Do you think they will care if I am clean

Do you think my new family will notice how good I smell?

Ruben gets some advice

Cooper is giving Ruben some special advice.

“You’re cute Ruben. They will melt when they see you!”

Cooper and Ruben

“I’ll never forget you Cooper.”

Ruben and his big brother

 Ruben has already stolen his big brother’s heart.

Ruben outside

 Ruben ran around outside before his long trip to his new home.

Everyone was out there to give him a good send off.

Ruben Family

Ruben’s new family. Look who is still holding him.

Tina and yellow boys

And then there were two….

Tina and her boys

Tina stayed very close to her boys after the first two pups left.

Brodie likes to splash

 Mr. Red, “Brodie” practiced his skills.

He really knows how to make a splash!

Brodie soaking wet

Brodie is extra clean now. He really wanted that towel!!!

Dad feels so good

Oh dad! You feel so good!

I am going to love riding in the truck with you!

Tina stays close as Brodie gets ready to leave

Brodie’s mom is holding him in her arms while Tina stays close by.

Brodie and his family

Brodie’s new family. How lucky can one dog get!

Gnarley has audience for lunch

Mr. Blue, “Gnarley” had lunch after his two brothers and sister left.

All the big dogs respected him and let him eat.

No pressure here……right……..

Gnarley after bath

Gnarley enjoyed his bath and the warm towel to dry off with.

Gnarley on stairs

Gnarley practicing his climbing skills

while waiting for his family to arrive.


Gnarley knows how handsome he is.


Gnarley’s mom and dad.

The rest of his new Forever Family were waiting at home.


“Don’t worry Tina. We are going to give Gnarley ALL our love!”


“OK. Little man. Let’s go start our lives together!”






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Two Labs Need a New Forever Home

by Margaret on August 22, 2016

Two Labrador brothers need a new Forever Home Together.

Two Handsome Boys

These two handsome boys are from A Family Farm Labradors.

They were both born in November, 2010.

ZorroThis handsome guy is one of Gracie Clementine’s brothers.

His mom is Francie Pants. She is on the page “Our Dogs”.

Caesar aaThis is one of Sammy Sweetheart’s brothers.

He has a thick coat like his mom, Kayla Copacabana.

Both c and z  Their dad is Tank the Man.

Please contact us at:   if you are seriously interested.

We are very committed to helping these handsome Labradors find a new home. They were born in our home and we still have their moms.

We know the quality of their bloodlines and

we will provide their pedigrees.


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Tina’s Pups Were So Brave

by Margaret on August 10, 2016


Tina’s pups are in the car, ready for their first visit to the Veterinarian.


 Ms. Pink gets her nails trimmed.


Ruben waits patiently while he gets his nails trimmed.


Mr. Red takes it like a man. He never even flinched.


Of course, they ALL got lots of attention!


Mr. Blue is being charmed while he waits for his exam.


Mr. Blue stays very still while Dr. Bakewell listens to his heart.

Everyone at Mt. Pleasant Hospital for animals is so friendly and helpful!


 Everything feels good on Ms. Pink.


Ruben is not sure about what is coming next.

He is happy to have a gentle hand petting him.


Another brave puppy. They should all get prizes.


Ms. Pink is looking at her brother, Mr. Red as if to say

“That wasn’t so bad.”


“Piece of cake!” Now let’s go home.


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Sammy’s Pups Go To Their New Homes

by Margaret on August 4, 2016

Ms. Blue and Mr. Red kiss Sammy

 Ms. Blue and Mr. Red kiss mom before they go to their new homes.

Sammy Sweetheart has given her BEST to all seven puppies.

Orange and new family

Ms. Orange, “Ivy” is going home to a 4 year old

big sister from A Family Farm.

Last time all together

Sammy Sweetheart’s litter all together for the last time.

Ms. Pink new family

Ms. Pink, “Rosie” plans on making lots of

special memories for her new family.

Pink loves the towel

Everyone gets a warm bath before they go to their new homes.

Mr. Black's new family

Mr. Black, “Jack” will be having lots of fun with his new big sisters!

We see many “dress up” days ahead!

Ms. Purple's new family

Ms. Purple, “Bear” has a beautiful one-year old Labrador sister

from A Family Farm waiting at home.

They both will keep their house full of joy!

Ms. Yellow's new family

Ms. Yellow, “Kayla” has more toys than she can imagine

waiting for her to play with!


“Kayla” and “Hudson” share a drink for the road with “Jack”.

Mr. Red's new family

Mr. Red, “Hudson” is going to have new adventures.

Sports will be a favorite, and if Hudson is not on the field

he will be watching and loving his family.

Blue sort of wet

“Lucy” was very curious after her bath.

She wanted to know how she could possibly get down to the floor.

Ms. Blue new family

Ms. Blue, “Lucy” with her new family.

Mom gets a girl to help balance the energy.

She is going home to a big sister Labrador who will probably

want to “mother” her. Labradors are so maternal!

Sammy and Cooper kiss

Sammy Sweetheart and Cooper give kisses to “Bear’s” mom.

Ms. Yellow's big sister

“Kayla” and her new big sister will share lots of “Firsts” together.

She will be there for her sister for every celebration

and just when they want to snuggle and read a book or watch a movie.

Yellow cozy

“Kayla” waiting patiently in her warm towel.

Almost ready for her new family to come and take her home.

You are going to be my dog

“Kayla” and her big brother are making plans.

We know they will have years of great fun together!


 We have given our puppies a solid foundation

for our new families to build on.

We know they leave us confident and ready to be

The Best They Can Be!


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Sammy’s Pups July 2016

by Margaret on July 28, 2016


Sammy’s pup gets some loving while his new family comes to visit.


The pups are eating puppy food but their mom, Sammy Sweetheart

still wants to give them a drink once in awhile.


Ms. Purple has a ruff life and loves to fall asleep in the big food dish.


Ms. Yellow fell asleep on the table while we changed

all their collars to larger sizes.


The pups all had their vet check up complete with first puppy shot

and a nice pedicure.


 Nice smile!! Great teeth!


Ms. Turquoise is wondering if she will get a “Boo boo” band aid when she leaves.


 This will taste good.


A few puppies waiting for the next part of their exam.


Shoelaces are always fun to play tug o war with!


After we got home, Ms. Yellow fell asleep

without even reading the paper!


 Colorful collars make it easy for our new puppy families

to see their pups in action.


The favorite activity is playing King of the Stairs!


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Sammy Sweetheart’s Puppies and Little Girls

by Margaret on June 21, 2016

20160619_121219Two very happy girls and 7 little puppies!

  20160619_121133    Sammy wants to know if this is an extra puppy for her to take care of?

20160619_121244   Sammy is very relaxed and takes care of her puppies

while our granddaughter watches.

20160620_071535  The puppies are all gaining weight, have their eyes open

and some are even trying to climb out!


Here comes another puppy!


Our older granddaughter is very careful

and knows to sit still and let the puppies come to her.

20160620_082119One little girl puppy is so tired she fell asleep between two bones.

Sammy has been putting toys and bones in with her puppies.


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