Sammy Sweetheart’s Puppies and Little Girls

by Margaret on June 21, 2016

20160619_121219Two very happy girls and 7 little puppies!

  20160619_121133    Sammy wants to know if this is an extra puppy for her to take care of?

20160619_121244   Sammy is very relaxed and takes care of her puppies

while our granddaughter watches.

20160620_071535  The puppies are all gaining weight, have their eyes open

and some are even trying to climb out!


Here comes another puppy!


Our older granddaughter is very careful

and knows to sit still and let the puppies come to her.

20160620_082119One little girl puppy is so tired she fell asleep between two bones.

Sammy has been putting toys and bones in with her puppies.


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Lily Sunshine Comes For a Visit

by Margaret on June 17, 2016


Lily Sunshine and her dad just hanging out in the back of the car.

Lily is one of Tina’s sisters. Their mom is Sammy Sweetheart.


Cooper liked the thought of getting into Lily’s car.


How did Cooper end up next to Lily’s dad?


Lily told Cooper she could come and take him

for a future play date. He liked that!!!


They spent the entire visit getting in and out of the car.


Now that the food is in, Lily is ready to go.


See you next time Cooper! Maybe I will see my sister Tina too!


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Sammy Sweetheart has 5 girls and 2 boys. All are spoken for.

20160603_064327They may be small, but they are keeping mom busy!


The puppies all fit here for now….


All of Sammy’s natural instincts kicked in as each puppy was born.


They grow very quickly! You can see them getting fat little bellies.

Sammy is constantly cleaning and feeding her babies.


She is a very patient mom.

20160531_080634This was last Tuesday night before puppies were born.

We have our scale to weigh puppies, notebook, paper towels,

comfortable seats and a few spectators.


They were banished fairly early by Sammy Sweetheart.

She wanted all the other dogs out of the room.







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Pretty Girls All in a Row

by Margaret on May 13, 2016


Hello from all the ladies at A Family Farm Labradors.

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Cooper’s Weekend

by Margaret on April 27, 2016

K and C resting

Cooper has had a few of his relatives come to visit

and he has loved every minute of it!

Khalisee is Lily's daughter

Look at that smile.

Khaleesi looks just like her Aunt Sammy Sweetheart!

Angie and Khalisee

Khaleesi and her brother Cooper had a great time

playing “catch me if you can”.

Angie is watching the blur of white zip past her.

Khalisee ready to play

Khaleesi is ready to pounce!

Cooper moves in for the hug

Cooper is giving Khaleesi’s mom some love.

Cooper likes her hairMmmmmm, your hair smells good!


Cooper has possession of the bone and Khaleesi is waiting for just the right moment. Their mom is Lily and their dad is Big Al.

Brodie stays close to his mom

Brodie came on the same day. Check our FB page

and see how quietly and gently Cooper and Brodie wrestled together.

Brodie’s mom is Angie. He was born December 21, 2015.

Brodie profile aa

Brodie is growing quickly! Look at that gorgeous, shiny coat!

Brodie and Jazz wrestle

Brodie remembered our Pug, Jazz. She used to be one of his babysitters.

Brodie sits next to Mike before he goes home.

Brodie sat next to Mike before he had to go home.

We know we will be seeing him again. Cooper can’t wait!!!





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It’s a Labrador World

by Margaret on March 7, 2016

20160306_134302-1Gracie Clementine, Cooper and Keira all waiting for a reward.


Keira and Cooper are just 2 weeks apart in age.

Keira’s mom is Gracie Clementine and Cooper’s mom is Lily.

They had a great time playing today.


Keira looked a little puzzled when she saw our Pug, Jazz.

Jazz was one of her “Fairy Godmothers”.


Cooper likes to “drive” the truck while he waits for Mike.


Cooper is such a gentle boy. He fell asleep on the way home.


Kayla Copacabana can always find an empty seat at the table.

She is always ready to join in, especially if there is a party!


Kayla is up front on the left.

This was from Ida Mae’s 2nd Birthday in February.


We always have the tiny cupcakes for our Birthday Parties.

Our Labs get very excited when they see them!

20160220_143901-1 Francie Pants and Kayla Copacabana LOVE Road Trips!


Sally Tickledrawers gets her love of Road Trips from Grandma Kayla.


Sally, Sammy, Ida Mae and Gracie all love our Grandchildren.


Gracie Clementine and her daughter, Ida Mae are getting hugs

while Sammy Sweetheart waits for hers.

They are wonderful family dogs.







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Thanksgiving Photo Op

by Margaret on November 29, 2015

When the family gets together you KNOW there will be photos!

Best 4 generationsJeannie and her younger sister Gracie are with their mother Francie Pants

in the back row.

Lily and her son Cooper are in the front row.

Francie Pants is Jeannie’s mom, Lily’s Grandmother and Cooper’s Great Grandmother.

Angie & Ida Mae missed being in the photo because they were outside playing!


If you are confused, just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will explain.


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Cooper and Murphy Play Date

by Margaret on November 16, 2015


Cooper and Murphy are brothers from two different litters.

They had a great time just running and playing this morning.


Cooper and Murphy were born May of this year.

They have the same yellow father but different moms.


 Cooper is giving Murphy a good chase around our yard.


There’s pure happiness when these Labrador brothers play together.


Murphy wants the bone Cooper has in his mouth.

They wrestled all over the driveway with this bone trading places.

20151116_111648-1 Thanks for coming Murphy! See you soon!

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Happy Birthday Kayla Copacabana and Francie Pants!

by Margaret on November 15, 2015


We will be celebrating with cupcakes

and LOTS of singing Sunday night!

Kayla Copacabana and Francie Pants will be 11 years young!


Kayla and Francie are sisters.

They have been with us through many life changing events.

Kayla Copacabana loves to watch the world from our front porch. She is one of our Grandma's.

You will always find Kayla and Francie on the front porch.


Francie enjoys the apples and peaches from our trees.


Kayla and Francie are always out in front.


Kayla likes to show the puppies around and teach them.


Francie Pants is always willing to nurture a puppy

that wants some extra loving from Grandma.







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Apple Picking

by Margaret on November 10, 2015


Tina had a few apples while we were outside today.


The girls helped us rake up all these apples today.

They also ate their share of apples

as we humans were getting them off the lawn.


Tina is licking her chops. Gracie Clementine is taking a break.

Sammy Sweetheart is finishing up another apple.


Cooper wants to know if Gracie Clementine really wants that apple.


Kayla is inspecting the shovel full of apples.


Sally, Gracie and Sammy were interested in everything!

20151109_151425It’s always more fun when a game is involved.


Angie and Kayla caught the runaway apples on the side.

20151109_150846Even our little Pug, Jazz was helping today.








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