Gracie’s Pups at 4 Weeks

by Margaret on December 28, 2017

 Gracie Clementine’s pups have moved into our kitchen.

They are eating Blue Buffalo puppy food and growing quickly.

Gracie feeds them briefly and then lets them play.

20171226_110726     There is a lot more room for running around now.

Puppies need room to play.20171226_111209Our one year old, Lexi is playing with the puppies. She is a Fun babysitter!!


Lexi is holding an empty paper towel tube made of cardboard.

The game is on!

20171226_111242 The simple toys are the most fun!


 This is Gracie Clementine. She is letting Ms. Yellow

have some special one-on-one time with her.


An empty cardboard box is now a “Club House”


Sleeping babies.


The quality food gives them healthy bodies and lustrous coats.


It’s a Ruff life being a puppy.


Beautiful babies all lined up.

They won’t fit in this bed for much longer.


Sweet dreams Mr. Green.




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