Ida Mae Puppies Learning to Eat Puppy Food

by Margaret on February 2, 2017


Mr. Green is really “getting into his food”

while his brother, Mr. Black watches.


Mr. Black and Mr. Green are on the left.

Their brother, our other Mr. Green is next to them.

Ms. Purple is in the dish!! She is not shy about eating.

Green and Pink sleeping

Mr. Green and Ms. Pink are napping.


The puppies like this corner

where they sleep on a soft dog bed and towels.

Mom and puppy true love 2-1-17

Ida Mae loves her babies.


The pups are now in our kitchen where they see all the big dogs.

They get used to hearing all the sounds of a household

like phone, vacuum, TV, etc.


Mr. Red is investigating the yogurt container next to Mr. Black.


Mr. Green found a different yogurt container to examine.


Auntie Tina is on the outside near the puppies.

She would really love to be on the inside!


Ms. Pink and Auntie Tina are nose to nose.

Tina is giving a few tips to her little niece.


Our Pug likes “talking” to the puppies.

Grandmother Gracie Clementine is looking up at the camera.


Mr. Green has a full tummy and is sleeping it off.


Sweet dreams Ms. Purple.


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