Tina’s Pups Go To Their New Families

by Margaret on August 26, 2016

Tina checks her baby Maggie

Tina is whispering to her daughter “Be the BEST you can be!”

Maggie and Cooper

 Cooper checks on “Maggie” after her bath.

Tina and Sammy check Maggie

Three generations together.

Sammy Sweetheart (r) is Tina’s mom and Tina (l) is Maggie’s mom.

Grandmother and mom both cared for each other’s puppies.

Maggie's new family

Maggie will be having lots of fun with her new family.

She has a big sister and big brother to play with!

Ruben likes his bath

“Ruben” was very relaxed in our kitchen sink while he got his bath.

Do you think they will care if I am clean

Do you think my new family will notice how good I smell?

Ruben gets some advice

Cooper is giving Ruben some special advice.

“You’re cute Ruben. They will melt when they see you!”

Cooper and Ruben

“I’ll never forget you Cooper.”

Ruben and his big brother

 Ruben has already stolen his big brother’s heart.

Ruben outside

 Ruben ran around outside before his long trip to his new home.

Everyone was out there to give him a good send off.

Ruben Family

Ruben’s new family. Look who is still holding him.

Tina and yellow boys

And then there were two….

Tina and her boys

Tina stayed very close to her boys after the first two pups left.

Brodie likes to splash

 Mr. Red, “Brodie” practiced his skills.

He really knows how to make a splash!

Brodie soaking wet

Brodie is extra clean now. He really wanted that towel!!!

Dad feels so good

Oh dad! You feel so good!

I am going to love riding in the truck with you!

Tina stays close as Brodie gets ready to leave

Brodie’s mom is holding him in her arms while Tina stays close by.

Brodie and his family

Brodie’s new family. How lucky can one dog get!

Gnarley has audience for lunch

Mr. Blue, “Gnarley” had lunch after his two brothers and sister left.

All the big dogs respected him and let him eat.

No pressure here……right……..

Gnarley after bath

Gnarley enjoyed his bath and the warm towel to dry off with.

Gnarley on stairs

Gnarley practicing his climbing skills

while waiting for his family to arrive.


Gnarley knows how handsome he is.


Gnarley’s mom and dad.

The rest of his new Forever Family were waiting at home.


“Don’t worry Tina. We are going to give Gnarley ALL our love!”


“OK. Little man. Let’s go start our lives together!”






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