It’s a Labrador World

by Margaret on March 7, 2016

20160306_134302-1Gracie Clementine, Cooper and Keira all waiting for a reward.


Keira and Cooper are just 2 weeks apart in age.

Keira’s mom is Gracie Clementine and Cooper’s mom is Lily.

They had a great time playing today.


Keira looked a little puzzled when she saw our Pug, Jazz.

Jazz was one of her “Fairy Godmothers”.


Cooper likes to “drive” the truck while he waits for Mike.


Cooper is such a gentle boy. He fell asleep on the way home.


Kayla Copacabana can always find an empty seat at the table.

She is always ready to join in, especially if there is a party!


Kayla is up front on the left.

This was from Ida Mae’s 2nd Birthday in February.


We always have the tiny cupcakes for our Birthday Parties.

Our Labs get very excited when they see them!

20160220_143901-1 Francie Pants and Kayla Copacabana LOVE Road Trips!


Sally Tickledrawers gets her love of Road Trips from Grandma Kayla.


Sally, Sammy, Ida Mae and Gracie all love our Grandchildren.


Gracie Clementine and her daughter, Ida Mae are getting hugs

while Sammy Sweetheart waits for hers.

They are wonderful family dogs.







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