Happy Birthday Kayla Copacabana and Francie Pants!

by Margaret on November 15, 2015


We will be celebrating with cupcakes

and LOTS of singing Sunday night!

Kayla Copacabana and Francie Pants will be 11 years young!


Kayla and Francie are sisters.

They have been with us through many life changing events.

Kayla Copacabana loves to watch the world from our front porch. She is one of our Grandma's.

You will always find Kayla and Francie on the front porch.


Francie enjoys the apples and peaches from our trees.


Kayla and Francie are always out in front.


Kayla likes to show the puppies around and teach them.


Francie Pants is always willing to nurture a puppy

that wants some extra loving from Grandma.







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