Sammy’s Pups Get New Apartment!

by Margaret on October 1, 2013

The puppies are four weeks old and everything is changing right on schedule.

They have started climbing out of their whelping box.

It is time for a new play area in our kitchen. 

There is plenty of room to stretch out.

Ms. Orange is very relaxed.

Ms. Turquoise is in dreamland.

Mr. Blue and Ms. Yellow napping.

Ms. Pink is really into her food!

Their baby teeth are coming in and they are sharp,

so Sammy Sweetheart does not want to feed them as often.


This is when we introduce the pups to food!

We give them baby cereal mixed with cottage cheese and they love it! 


Sammy still wants to be with her pups, so she gets to “do the dishes”

while the pups get mom’s milk.


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