Annie’s Puppies Go Outside to Play

by Margaret on May 17, 2013

It is the most fun to watch!

Ms. Pink is already using her Labrador nose to find something.

Ms. Green was running around their outside play area.

Puppies on parade!

Mr. Blue and Ms. Green having fun with a cardboard box.

 Annie is watching her pups from the rock wall.

All the big dogs are able to jump in whenever they want to.

Annie and Gypsy watch as Ms. Orange checks out this part of the rock wall.

Gypsy remembers this play area from last year when she was running around

with HER babysitters Sammy and Gracie.

Gypsy is wondering if Annie will be paying her.

Ms. Aqua has a good grip on this bone. All of the pups need to chew.

We open the gate to the kitchen play area and

start to teach the pups to come outside.

This was the first day. How do we do this???

Mr. Blue is thinking about it……..

Sammy Sweetheart is babysitting Ms. Aqua and Ms. Red.


Ms. Orange, Ms. Aqua, and Ms. Yellow get a big drink of water.


Mr. Black sits down in the grass after running around non-stop.

Ms. Green and Ms. Purple following Gypsy, their babysitter.

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